Get RM5 Instant Rebate from GrabPay at GM Klang!
Get RM5 Instant Rebate from GrabPay at GM Klang!

Enjoy an instant rebate of RM5 in GM Klang with every first transaction at selected stores
with GrabPay Credits. (spend a minimum of RM30 per transaction)

For a limited time only, get an additional FREE gift from GM Klang when your spend is above

You can use GrabPay at the stores participating listed here:



Aroma Zoe Enterprise (A-G-10)

2 KO 1 Eyewear (B-G-084)

Box Party Wholesale (A-3-91)

Ali Shoe Mart (B-4-001)

Cahaya Khadeeja Trading (A-2-125)

Bolly Fashion Asia (B-G-131)

Double T Enterprise (A-1-134 & B-1-71)

Excellent Garment Enterprise (B-2-146)

Elena Fashion Accessories (A-1-022 & B-1-057)

Foresight Vision Trading (B-G-075 & 103)

GM Rack Enterprise (A-2-155 & B-4-106)

Foursis Collection (B-G-146 & B-2-066)

In Bloom Enterprise (A-2-191)

KIKMO Merchandise (B-4-133)

LCS Green Technology (A-3-152)

Kinokoyok Enterprise (B-4-226)

Maya Realiti Enterprise (A-3-161)

KST Display System (M) (B-2-158)

Meng Shop (A-2-26 & A-2-170)

La Floresta (B-G-064)

MNV Fashion (A-1-100)

Let’s Party Wholesale (B-2-86 & B-4-119)

Multi Maju Enterprise (A-3-121)

Likson Enterprise

New Star Marketing (A-3-174)

Match Style & Fashion Enterprise (B-G-085)

Nexis Technology (A-3-133)

MME Century (B-2-081)

OK Kids Wear (A-3-117)

Mokbest Group (B-2-125)

Perniagaan Restu Sejati (A-2-086)

Mumdadmi Enterprise (B-3-112)

Ria Candy (A-G-091)

Nako Enterprise (B-G-131)

Sayangku Handcraft (A-2-102 & A-3-92)

Norza Collections (B-3-069)

Sego World (A-4-113 & B-3-029)

OK Kids Wear (B-3-156)

Ubake & Gift (A-3-94)

One Stop Lady Accessories (B-1-97)

World Top Resources (A-1-128)

OTS Network (B-2-183 & B-4-188)

Yik Hin Jewellery (A-1-070 & B-1-123)

Ranqis Enterprise (B-1-014)


SCS Excelsior Enterprise (B-1-040)


Two Can Craft (B-G-115)


Youyou Beauty Concept (B-1-120)





Dimensi Indah Marketing (C-P3-16)


Emix KW Trading (C-P3-23)


Gogo shop (C-P3-21)


Nuruddin Su Enterprise (C-P1-41)


Pusat Borong Terlajak Murah (C-P1)


Suria Silk House (C-P4)


Trend Century Trading (C-P3-30)


Trendymax (M) (C-P6)




Terms and conditions:

● RM5 rebate is limited to every first transaction per user per store
● Free gift redemption is valid with a first minimum spend of RM50 with GrabPay
   Credits and only on the day of purchase
● Free gift available from GM Klang customer service while stocks last
● Both promotions valid from 22 Jan to 28 Feb 2019