2021 Click, Order & Pick Up
2021 Click, Order & Pick Up

Introducing GM Klang's Click, Order & Pickup (COP) Service which helps customers to save their time and money while skipping queues. While practicing safe distancing, you may click through the participating F&B outlets in GM Klang to see how easy it is to create your favourite order, and get it made the way at pick up points!

To ensure a brief waiting time and avoid unwanted crowds, there will be three different pick-up points located at the Main Entrance (Gina Pick-Up Point), in between Block B and Block C (Mat Pick-Up Point), and at Block A (Xtra Pick-Up Point).

To enjoy GM Klang's COP service, follow these simple steps:
• CLICK on GM Klang's website banner or scan the QR code on our social media
• ORDER from your preferred Food & Beverage with the (F&B)outlet and make payment via online transaction or Cash-On-Delivery
• PICK-UP your order at the designated COP areas around the complex.

Scan the QR code & COP away! 🚗💁‍♀️💁‍♂️
Also with more participating outlets to come!

Click here to order now

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